How to restore your Milkshake subscription (Android)

What to do if your Milkshake subscription has disappeared

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If you're not signed in to your Google account, or if you have uninstalled the Google Play app on your device, or if you're using a new device to sign in to Milkshake, you may see the Milkshake Card in the app. This may not mean that the Milkshake Card has been added back to your published website.

As long as your subscription is active, meaning you haven't cancelled and your payments are up-to-date, you can restore the subscription to your Milkshake account in the Milkshake app.

Restoring your Milkshake subscription

1. Open the Milkshake app on your Android device.

2. Swipe through the Cards on your website until you see the Milkshake Card at the end, then tap the trash can symbol.

3. Tap Already subscribed? Tap to update at the bottom of the Subscription information page.

4. The app will take a moment to retrieve your subscription information.


You may see an error message if the restoration process was unsuccessful.

Oh no... Looks like your subscription has expired. Subscribe again to keep your content in the spotlight

This error will occur if your subscription is expired. Your subscription will expire if a renewal payment has been declined. You may need to update or change your payment method before continuing. For assistance with payments, Contact Milkshake support at [email protected], or by using the chat bubble in the Milkshake app for assistance.

This is awkward... We can't find a subscription attached to your Google Account

This error can occur when the Milkshake app has failed to locate your subscription.

If you encounter this error, and have:

  • not subscribed before, tap ok and subscribe.

  • subscribed in the past, open the Google Play app and ensure you are logged in to the Google account you used when you created the subscription.

For additional help, contact the Milkshake support at [email protected], or by using the chat bubble in the Milkshake app for assistance.

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