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How to cancel, pause or request a refund for your Milkshake subscription (Android)
How to cancel, pause or request a refund for your Milkshake subscription (Android)
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How to cancel your Milkshake subscription

Your Milkshake subscription will renew automatically until you cancel. You can cancel at any time through the Google Play app on your Android device.

To avoid being charged for another month, cancel your subscription at least one day before your next payment date.

How to pause your Milkshake subscription

If you choose to pause, you will not be charged on your next payment date and you will loose access to the features provided by your subscription until your subscription is no longer paused.

Payments will automatically resume on the date you selected in the Google Play app.

If you want to resume your subscription earlier, you can do this via the Google Play app.

How to request a refund for your Milkshake subscription

You can request a refund by following the instructions below:

  • For purchases less than 48 hours old, request a refund by contacting Google.

  • For purchases greater than 48 hours old, contact Milkshake support at [email protected], or by using the chat bubble in the Milkshake app to request a refund.

Management troubleshooting

If you purchased your Milkshake subscription via the Google Play app, you can only manage it through the Google Play app, not Apple’s App Store. This includes cancelling, pausing and resuming your Milkshake subscription.

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