Account Switching is available on Milkshake app version 1.3.0+

It's easy to create and manage Insta websites for all of your Instagram accounts with the Milkshake app. 

Add up to five Instagram accounts to Milkshake at a time.

To login to Milkshake your Instagram accounts must have its own password. If your account is linked to another existing account, you can unlink them and set up a separate password in order to login to Milkshake.

How to add a new Instagram account to Milkshake:

1. On your Home page, tap your display pic to open the menu


3. Tap ADD ACCOUNT then tap Continue to allow Milkshake permission to use your Instagram account to sign in

4. On the Instagram account page, select your account from the list. If you don't see it, tap Switch Accounts

5. Enter your login credentials and tap Login (or tap Continue with Facebook)

6. Tap Authorize to give Milkshake permission to access your basic Instagram account info 

8. On the Accounts page, tap on the account just added to select it

9. Start adding Cards to your new Insta website!

Get in touch with the team if you're having trouble logging in to the Milkshake app with your Instagram account. Use the chat bubble in the corner of this page or send an email to [email protected].

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