Instagram no longer allows external apps (like Milkshake) use your Instagram account as a sign in method 😢

If your account is connected to Instagram, you'll need to update your sign in method to continue using Milkshake.

You’ll only need to go through this account set-up process once per website.

Updating your sign in method

***Update your Milkshake app on iOS or Android before proceeding***

1. Open the Milkshake app and on the login page, click ‘Have an account? Log in’ at the bottom of the page

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Access your account here

3. Enter your email address, choose a new password and then tap Continue

4. On the next page, you'll need to connect to Instagram one last time to claim your existing website.

Tap Connect to Instagram

5. Enter your Instagram username and password, then tap Login

6. When prompted, tap Authorize to allow Milkshake to access your Instagram profile info

7. Behind the scenes we’ll connect your Milkshake account to your website and in two shakes you’ll be in the app again 🎉

Important things to note

  • If you have more existing Milkshake websites that were created through your Instagram account, you’ll need to go through the steps above to create a new Milkshake account for each website.

  • Each Milkshake account requires a unique email address.

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