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How to add and switch between Milkshake accounts in the app
How to add and switch between Milkshake accounts in the app

Creating and managing multiple Milkshake websites

Written by Sherv
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You can create as many Milkshake accounts (and websites) as you need! Add up to five accounts to the Milkshake app at any time.

Adding an account to your Milkshake app

1. On your Home page, tap your profile icon in the top right corner

2. When the menu opens, select SWITCH ACCOUNTS

3. If you’d like to create a brand new account and website, tap ADD NEW ACCOUNT then follow the prompts to create an account and choose a URL!

If you already have another Milkshake account but you don't see it in the list, tap LINK EXISTING ACCOUNT.

Linking to an existing account

  • If your Milkshake account uses email+password, Google, Facebook or Apple ID as the login method, follow the prompts to login.

  • If your account uses Instagram as the sign in method (which is no longer supported), you'll need to first update your credentials before accessing your website. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Previously signed in with Instagram? Access your account here.

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