Add a 'Buy' button to your Insta website to direct customers to a PayPal purchase page. PayPal allows your customers to securely checkout with their PayPal account or just with a credit card. 

Create individual PayPal links for each of your products or services so you can manage ordering, pricing, shipping and more.

Note: Instead of PayPal you can use any payment service that provides 'hosted payment pages'! A hosted payment page is an external website where a customer can checkout.

Setting up your product or service on PayPal 

Start by logging in to your PayPal account, then:

1. Click here to go to the PayPal buttons page

2. Click Create your button now

3. Ensure 'Buy Now' is selected as the button type then fill in the required details, Eg. Item name, Item ID number, Price and Postage charge (if applicable).

You can add additional fields to capture more information from your customers by utilising the 'Add text field' under the Customise button options. The 'Add drop-down menu' options can be useful for products with different pricing tiers, for example, or sizing choices etc. 

 4.  Configure Step 2: Inventory, Profit & Loss and Step 3: Customise Advanced Features and Step 3: Customise advanced features if required. You can revisit these settings at any time 

5. Click Create Button 

6. Once your PayPal button has been generated, click on the Email tab where you'll find a link to your PayPal hosted payment page. Copy this link to use later.

Adding a Buy button to your Insta website

Any Card on your Insta website can be used to show a 'Buy' button or link. For this example, I'm setting up an image gallery using the Top Picks Card

  1. Add or Edit an existing Card

  2. Locate the 'Link URL' field on the Edit page and paste the link from PayPal

3. Tap Save, Preview and then Publish

A customer on your Insta website can click your 'Buy' link and they'll go straight to a checkout page where they can pay with their PayPal account or by credit card:

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