What is a Card?

All about Insta website "Cards" (aka website pages)

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A "Card" is a page on your Insta website. 

Visitors swipe through Cards on your Insta website just like an Instagram Story. There's no limit to the number of Cards you can add, and you can use the same type of Card as many times as you want. 

Each Card has been designed with a specific purpose in mind, but they're actually very flexible so you can adapt them to suit what you need. All Cards have elements like a main heading, a subheading and images that you can customise or replace with your own content. All demo content is editable, including all the colours and fonts. 

Each time you add a new Card to your Insta website, you'll get to choose a Look to apply to it.

Here are the Cards that are available in the Milkshake app now. These examples have all been customised using tools in the Milkshake app:

About Card

How to use an About Card:

  • Write a bio (obvs! See our IG for top tips)

  • Share a recipe with your followers

  • Introduce your podcast 

  • Release a teaser of your new eBook

  • Showcase a product, a service or the employee of the month 

  • Gather interest for your latest business venture 

Links Card

  • Set up a Menu for your Insta website

  • Link your other social profiles

  • Share all your promotional links in one spot 

  • List your services 

Top Picks Card

How to use a Top Picks Card:

  • Recommend your fave cafes, restaurants and bars

  • Share your product reviews 

  • Offer followers packages, deals and coupons

  • Drop in your Book Club recommendations

  • Showcase items from your online store or Etsy 

  • Write a blog post or promote your top articles

  • Show off your resumé

Splash Card

  • Drive signups to your mailing list

  • Exhibit your best artwork

  • Feature customer testimonials

  • Share your favourite quote 

YouTube Card

How to use the YouTube card:

Head over to our Inspo page to see what Instagrammers are making!

Go to Milkshake's own Insta website for a snoop around a completely customised Insta website. 

Skip to School of Instagram for more ideas for showcasing your content.

Want help with your Cards? Use the chat bubble in the bottom right of this page or send an email to [email protected].

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