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What does a subscription give me?
What does a subscription give me?

What are the benefits of subscribing to Milkshake?

Written by Brie
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At Milkshake, we're always working to provide our users with a seamless experience to showcase their content to the world. This article will provide you with a detailed breakdown of our subscription offering.

The Milkshake Subscription Advantage

Subscribing to Milkshake enhances your website by removing the "Made with Milkshake" Card from the end of your website. With Milkshake, everything else is free!

Here's why this is beneficial:

Complete Brand Focus: With the "Made with Milkshake" card removed, your audience's attention remains entirely on you, your content, and your message.

Professionalism: A website free from branding other than your own can look more professional and bespoke, making it easier for you to build credibility and trust with your visitors.

Maximized Engagement: Without the distraction of an external branding card, visitors are more likely to stay engaged with your content, boosting your website's performance.

Benefits Available to All Users (Subscription or Not)

While our subscription offers the unique advantage of removing the "Made with Milkshake" card, Milkshake is committed to providing a powerful set of tools to all our users, totally free of charge.

These include:

Free Publishing & Hosting: Your Milkshake site goes live at no extra cost, and we ensure it remains accessible and fast.

Professional Design Templates: Craft a visually stunning site with our wide array of design templates created by professional designers.

Unlimited Links: Add as many links as you want to your Milkshake site, allowing you to guide visitors to all your important content.

Customizations: Make your site uniquely yours with a variety of customization options.

Real-Time Analytics: Monitor the performance of your Milkshake site with instant data, helping you refine your content strategy over time.

How to Subscribe

Ready to elevate your Milkshake experience? Simply navigate to the 'Made with Milkshake' Card on on the home screen of your app and tap the bin icon to start your subscription.

Psst. Milkshake is an app that is run by two indie developers - another benefit of subscribing is that you help support the work we do to keep building awesome new features for YOU!

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