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Changes to Milkshake’s ownership
A change to Milkshake’s ownership
A change to Milkshake’s ownership

The next stage for Milkshake

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An important message from Team Milkshake...

We created Milkshake 3.5 years ago with the mission to empower creators to turn their business ideas into a reality. In that time we have built a community of 2.8 million game changers, thought leaders, trendsetters, go-getters and quiet achievers. We’ve helped you shake up your own space online, share your creativity and make a living through your passions.

While we’re proud of what we’ve built - and what you have been able to achieve with the app - our founding company, Envato, has come to the decision that Milkshake is not a core part of the future strategy. While Envato will no longer be the home for Milkshake, the passionate and talented members of the Milkshake team have found a new home amongst themselves.

What does this mean?

Milkshake will be separating from Envato to become independently owned and operated by a small and passionate team.

Being a smaller team, we’ve had to make a few changes, one of which is streamlining our Customer Support team which will have a reduced capacity.

We will be making some changes but it will be business as usual for you. To help ensure the process is as smooth as possible we’ve put together some FAQs below.

Milkshake Ownership FAQs:



How will my website be affected?

Your website will not be affected by the change and will remain active for your visitors. They won’t notice any difference.

I am a paying subscriber, will I be affected by the changes?

This change will not affect subscribers. Your subscription will continue as usual.

What does this mean for Customer Support? / What is the last day that I can access Customer Support?

One of the biggest changes from this transition is to our Customer Support team, who will be heavily reduced.

Our Help Centre will continue to be the best source of information about the app and your sites.

Who owns Milkshake now?

Milkshake is transitioning away from Envato and will become a stand-alone product under the new ownership of Codelbee.

What changes will be made to the App?

In the short term, no changes will be made to the way you experience the app.

In the medium term, the Codelbee team has big plans for new features and making Milkshake better than ever!

Will I notice the change?

We intend the change to not majorly impact you. You may notice our customer support capabilities will be reduced.

Do I need to do anything?

You are not required to do anything. We ask for your patience while we make these changes, especially for our customer support team.

Who are Codlebee?

Codlebee is a new company that has been formed by two of the software developers who have worked on Milkshake since early in the product’s development.

Codlebee is run by Shervin Aflatooni and Brienna Macnish. Shervin is one of the founding members of the Milkshake team and an accomplished software developer with over a decade of experience designing and building user-centric products. Brienna is a career changer who joined the Milkshake team after spending a decade working in the arts industry as a lead artist and creative producer.

It has been an incredible journey with you. Without our community, we would not have been able to create an app we are so gosh darn proud of! It’s been our privilege to support an inspiring global community and provide a free, easy and beautiful website builder in Milkshake. For us in the Milkshake team, this is not just a job… Every single one of us has poured our heart and soul into the product and loved watching you bring it to life.

Finally, a few thanks!

To Envato for creating Milkshake, our past and present team members, our amazing community and finally the team who are staying on to keep Milkshake running. We can’t wait to see what this new chapter brings for you.


Team Milkshake

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