How to upload images

Having trouble changing an image? Check out our tips

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Image upload tips:

If you are having problems uploading your image, try the following:

  • Older versions of the app no longer support image uploading. Update your app to version 1.7.0 or above for image uploading to work.

  • Make sure that your file size is smaller than 15MB. Your visitors will have a better experience using your site if your images are smaller.

  • Check that there wasn’t a network connection issue when you were uploading. You can try switching between cellular and WIFI connections.

  • Patience is a virtue. Sometimes it can take a little longer than expected to upload an image and you may be required to wait. Stay on the edit screen for a minute or two.

  • Try with a different image or format, we support JPGs, PNGs & GIFs.

How to change images:

All images on your site can be replaced by uploading an image from your mobile device.

Go to the Edit page and look for the camera symbol on the bottom right of the image field.

Tap the camera icon to bring up the upload option:

Since there are so many different mobile screen sizes, recommending the size of your image can be difficult.

At a minimum, we recommend 500 x 500 pixels to ensure that images are high quality and do not appear grainy.

Each of the Milkshake Cards and Looks display images slightly differently. Some have square, tall or round image placeholders. Keep the size and shape in mind when editing your images in your editing tool. Upload a few versions of your image until you find the placement you like best. Remember that it might look different to other sites depending on what device is being used.

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