We know how much our Milkshake users love to customise their websites and support social causes or popular events. So, we are introducing "Limited Time Looks" to Milkshake’s existing library of website templates to help you quickly apply different, beautiful themes to your website.

Available for a short time only, Limited Time Looks are custom-designed around a variety of themes, seasons or events. Be quick! Add the Look to your Milkshake website before it expires. Stay tuned for more Limited Time Looks coming to the Milkshake app soon.

Our very first Limited Time Look is celebrating Pride Month, called Out & Proud. Choose an About, Splash, Links or Top Picks Card to select this new Look and show your support.

What is Pride Month?

Pride Month is celebrated around the globe every year during June to advocate for increased visibility and equal opportunity for the LGBTQIA+ community.

How long will the Limited Time Look be available for?

The Pride Month Look is available to add to your Milkshake website for 30 days, from 1st June 2022. It will expire on June 30 at midnight. Any published websites using the Limited Time Look will remain unchanged after the expiry date.

How do I add the Look to my website?

Choose an About, Splash, Links or Top Picks Card, select the Limited Time Look and hit Publish! It’s that easy. We’ve already added the content, including custom images, copy and links. You can still make changes and customise your website if you wish.

Once you’ve hit Publish, be sure to share your website’s new Look with your audience via the Share button in the Milkshake app to rally support around a theme that is important to you and your community.

Share your website to Instagram Stories and add our exclusive Out & Proud Pride gif stickers. Search 'milkshake pride' or 'out and proud' in Instagram Stories to find them!

What is the pre-filled content for the Pride Month Look, Out & Proud?

For Out & Proud, you can find the following resources are included by default:

Different ways to use the Limited Time Look:

There are different ways to use a Limited Time Look to show your support. Splash & About Cards are great for key messages and calls to action. Top Picks and Links Cards are perfect for sharing articles and educational resources to raise awareness.

What will happen to my website after the expiry date?

If you have published a Milkshake website using the Limited Time Look, your website will remain unchanged after the expiry date, excluding the Milkshake button, see below. You will be able to share, edit, customise or delete your website as usual. However, the Limited Time Look cannot be applied to new Cards added after the expiry date. If you tap “Shake it up” after the expiry date, you can continue tapping through the entire rotation of Looks until you are back at the Out & Proud Look.

Can I remove the Milkshake CTA button?

On every Card featuring a Limited Time Look you will see a button that invites your followers to create their own, we call this the Milkshake button. The Milkshake button cannot be edited or removed from published Cards using the Limited Time Look. However, the button will be removed automatically after the Look’s expiry date if you decide to keep the card.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions! Use the chat bubble to the right of this message or send an email to [email protected].

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