How to add Social links to your Milkshake website

Change Social links on your website to make it suit you.

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Your Milkshake website can link your audience to the different social platforms you have a presence on. Add up to five Social links to About, Links + Splash Cards.

  1. Add a new Card from the Home page by tapping the + symbol at the bottom of the page. Select About, Links or Splash Card, and tap your desired Look to edit.

  2. Scroll down to the Social links section. Tap the icons you want to appear on your Milkshake website. Blue means the icon is active, grey means the icon is inactive.

  3. Tap inside the Social links field to enter your information.

  4. To Reorder your Social links, hold down the grip icon (square with dots), then drag up or down.

  5. Tap Preview to continue.

  6. Tap Customise if you wish to change the colour of your Social links.

  7. Tap Publish to apply the changes and go check out your Milkshake website.


  • Can’t see Social links on existing About, Links or Splash Cards? You’ll need to make changes to the Card for the Social links to appear on your Milkshake website.

  • When you reach the Social links limit of 5, this message will appear. Deselect an icon to make changes.

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