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How to use Milkshake with your existing website
How to use Milkshake with your existing website

How Milkshake can help drive followers to all your online content

Written by Sherv
Updated over a week ago

It's hard enough getting followers to click on your link in bio, so when they do, you want them to find exactly what they're looking for quickly and easily. The more a potential client or customer needs to click to find what they want, the higher the chance they slip away.

No matter what kind of content you create, Milkshake can help you get followers to your most important pages in the fewest clicks possible.
Let's take a mobile ice-cream truck as an example.

On your Instagram feed you see their most recent post with the caption: 'Click our link in bio to find a truck near you!'

Yum ๐Ÿ˜‹ yes please! ย 

You go to their bio, click on and land on their Home page. But where is the truck location finder??ย 

After scrolling for several seconds you discover that you need to click another link in the website menu, open a new page and scroll even further to get to the location finder. In those few seconds they nearly lost you!ย 

This is exactly the problem that Milkshake is here to solve.ย 

What Mr. Sprinkles needs in their Instagram bio is a list of their most important links to get followers from Instagram directly to the right website page.

Tips + Tricks from Milkshake HQ

  • Make a list of the pages or content you want customers and clients to find and turn this into a Links Card.

  • Keep it short! People skip over long chunks of text so keep words to a minimum where possible.

  • Use images and gifs to reinforce your message. Image editing apps like Canva get your pics working harder with stickers, flashing arrows, sparkles + confetti!

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