How to add a menu to your website

Help visitors navigate to specific pages on your website

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A Links Card can be used as a menu to help visitors find the content they're looking for on your Insta website.

To create a Menu on your site, you'll first need to make a list of all your Cards and their URLs.

How to find a Card's URL

Each Card on your Insta websites has its own URL. You can give any Card a new URL whenever you like by changing the Card name.

If you're unsure of your Card URL, open your Insta website in your internet browser (Eg. Safari or Chrome). Swipe to find the right page, then tap the address bar to reveal the URL. Copy this URL to use in the next step.

How to set up a menu Card

1. Add a Links Card to your Insta website

2. Give the Card a heading, subheading and description (if you want to)

3. Tap on a placeholder link to edit it

4. Add some 'Link text'. This could be the name of the Card being linked to or a short description of what someone will see when they click the link.
Then, paste in the URL copied from the instructions above

5. Repeat step 3 and 4 to add all the links you want. When the Card is finished, tap Preview and then Publish.
Next, rearrange the Cards on your website to bring the new Menu to the front. Here's how:

6. Tap Done to return to the Home page

7. Tap Options on any Card and select Reorder

8. Tap and hold down on the grip symbol next to the new Menu Card, then drag it to the top of the list:

9. Hit Save and your changes will be published!

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