You can create Milkshake websites for all of your Instagram accounts but the app only allows you to be logged in with one Instagram account at a time. 

If you're an ANDROID device user, follow the steps below to sign in to Milkshake using a different Instagram account:

1. From your Home page tap your display pic in the top right corner

2. Tap Logout

NOTE: To complete the logout, you'll need to open the link in your default browser (eg Chrome). If you're redirected Instagram or to an Incognito Chrome window you'll need to:

3. Go back to the Milkshake app. You should see a page that looks like the screenshot below where you can tap Have an account? Sign in.
If you do not see this page, or your are automatically logged in, see below for Troubleshooting steps.

 4. Enter your Instagram login credentials then tap Log in


Please note:
You will need an Instagram account with its own password in order to login to Milkshake. Instagram allows existing users to create new accounts by linking them to a primary account. If you have created a new Instagram account using this method and you do not have a separate password for this account, you will not be able to login to Milkshake.

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