Any link on your Insta website can be a 'Call me' link. When a visitor tap this, the Phone app will popup asking for permission to make a call.

Here's how to set up the link:

1. Add a new Card to your Insta site or edit an existing Card

2. Tap the pencil symbol to edit one of the demo links.
(In this example, I'm using a Top Picks Card so the links are called 'Recommendations')

3. Add some link text. In this example, that's 'Call me'.
In the URL field type type 'tel:' followed by your phone number.
For example: tel:0422334455

4. Tap Done. Then Preview and Publish to save your changes

A visitor on your Insta website can tap this link to call you:

iOS devices also allow a visitor to tap and hold on the link for more options:

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