Embedding videos from your YouTube channel is easy to do with Milkshake's new YouTube Card.

Here's how to add the Card to your Insta website:

1. Tap Add a Card on your Home page to get started 

2. Scroll down to find the YouTube Card

3. Tap Select, then choose a Look 

4. When it comes to adding your own content to the Card, all fields are optional! Replace or delete the demo text and images with your own headings, subheadings, descriptions, images and videos as needed

5. Open the YouTube app and find a video you'd like to embed on your Milkshake website. Tap the Options symbol

6. Tap Share

7. Select Copy link

8. Jump back to the Milkshake app. Tap the edit symbol to replace a demo video , or tap + to add a brand new video embed to the Card

9. Paste the link copied from YouTube into the URL field then tap Done

10. To continue, tap Preview and Publish if you're happy with the Card.

When a visitor from Instagram taps your msha.ke link in your profile and swipes to your YouTube Card, they will be able to tap play to watch your videos without having to navigate away. Each time a visitor watches an embedded video this adds to the views on YouTube.

Here's an example YouTube Card:

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