If you update your Instagram username/handle or display pic, this guide shows you how to make the changes appear on your published Insta website.

If you've signed in to Milkshake using the wrong Instagram account, click here to find out how to change accounts.

How to update your Insta website

1. Open the Milkshake app and tap your display pic in the top right corner of the page

2. Tap OK to sign out. You'll be redirected to Safari and logged out of Instagram

3. Wait a moment, then go back to the Milkshake app and sign in to your Instagram account again

4. From the Home page, tap Options on any card then select Edit

5. Make edits to your content (if required) otherwise just tap Preview and then Publish. This will update your Insta website with your new Instagram handle and/or display pic

After publishing, tap on your msha.ke link to open your site in your internet browser. If you still see your old Instagram username or display pic, try refreshing the page.

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