Any link on your Insta website can be made into an 'Email' link. When a visitor taps this link their Mail app will open, allowing them to compose a message to you.

Here's how to create an 'Email' link:

1. Add a new Card to your Insta site, or edit an existing Card

2. Tap the pencil symbol to edit one of the demo 'Your link here' links.
(In this example, I'm using a Links Card)

3. Add a link title. In this example, that's 'Email me'.
In the URL field type type 'mailto:' followed by your email address.
For example: mailto:[email protected]

4. Tap Done. Then Preview and Publish to save your changes

A visitor on your Insta website can tap this email link to write an email to you:

They can also tap and hold the email link for more options:

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