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How to create an 'Email me' link

Give visitors a way to easily get in touch by displaying a link they can click to send you an email

Written by Sherv
Updated over a week ago

Any link on your Milkshake website can be made into an 'Email' link. When a visitor taps this link their Mail app will open, allowing them to write a message to you.

Here's how to create an 'Email' link:

1. Add a new Card to your site, or edit an existing Card

2. Tap the pencil symbol to edit an existing link or tap + to add a brand new link

3. Add a link title. In this example, that's 'Email me'. ย 

Then, in the URL field type type 'mailto:' followed by your email address.

Note that there is no space between mailto: and the email address!

4. Tap Done. Then Preview and Publish to update your website with your changes.

A visitor on your website can tap this email link to write an email to you:

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