Milkshake website URLs

Choosing an address for your website

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After setting up your Milkshake account with your email address and a password, the next step is to choose your website's URL.

We recommend choosing a website URL that matches your username or handle on Instagram or your other social media platforms!

All Milkshake website URLs take this format:

If required, you can update your website URL any time after your website it published.

Choosing your website URL

Milkshake website URLs can be lower case letters only (no capital letters). There is a minimum of 1 character and a maximum of 30 characters which can include:

  • Letters

  • Numbers

  • Hyphens

  • Underscores

Custom domain names

Milkshake doesn't currently offer users the option of connecting a custom domain name to any Milkshake website.

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