How to customise your Milkshake website

Change the colours and fonts on your website to make it suit you

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Make your Milkshake website match your personal style or your brand by customising each Card. You can make customisations at any time.

If this if your first time adding a Card to your website you'll be able to customise the Look after adding your content, from the Preview page.

To customise a page that you have already added to your Milkshake website, navigate to your Home page in the app. Swipe to find the Card to customise, then tap the Options button and select Preview.

You'll see something like this:

  1. To make customise to the Look, tap Customise:

2. Tap Colours or Fonts 

3. In this example I'll customise the colours first. Each Look is different, but you'll be able to change up to five colours.

Each circle represents a colour used by parts of the design. Tap on the colour that you'd like to change. 

After changing some of the colours:

4. Tap the Back arrow at the top of the page to return to the customisation menu

5. Tap Fonts to select new font types for your Look

6. Use the sliding menu to select the section of text to customise and the font style. Most fonts offer additional options, including uppercase, different weights, and bold/italics:

7. When you're done making changes, tap the Back arrow to return to the customisation menu and then tap Publish to apply the updated Look to your Milkshake website.

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