Milkshake is a FREE app that lets you build a simple, free website — an "Insta website" — from your iPhone. When you link to your Insta website from your Instagram profile your website becomes an extension of your bio, helping you connect followers to more of your work.

An Insta website is made of "Cards", aka website pages. There are lots of types of Cards and they're all designed to help you connect followers to everything you offer.

Already got a website? An Insta website is really useful for giving followers a preview of your latest post and encouraging them to click through to read more, or to announce your newest YouTube vid, for example. 

Here's how it works

Step 1: Pick a Card

"Cards" are the pages that make up your Insta website. Use different types of Cards to connect followers to all your content.  

Step 1: Pick a Look

"Looks" are the designs or themes that you apply to each of the Cards on your Insta website.
You can customise elements like the colours and fonts on each of the Looks we offer. And you can switch Looks whenever you like.

Step 3: Add your own content

Replace the demo text, upload your own images, drop in links and/or embed your videos. When you've finished making edits, tap Preview then Publish.

Step 4: Add more Cards (optional)

Rinse and repeat steps 1-3 to add as many Cards as you want. There is no limit to the number of Cards you can add to your Insta website.

Step 5: Add your Insta website to Instagram

Copy your Milkshake link, then open Instagram and paste the link into your profile.

Milkshake does not post content to your Instagram account. After creating an Insta website with the Milkshake app, you'll need to manually paste your link into your Instagram profile.

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